Baseball Cap Washer

How to Clean your Baseball Caps.

Most people love to wear a baseball cap. Some people wear their favorite baseball cap almost every day.The only problem is how to clean it. If you don’t know how to clean you baseball cap it can look like old an deform in just one wash. What more if you wash it once a week. I can’t image what it looks like after a month of wrong way of cleaning your baseball cap. Here is the solution, all you need is a baseball cap washer.

What it Baseball Cap Washer?

Baseball cap washer is like a plastic cap washer cage. Baseball cap washer is like a cage where you will put your baseball cap inside to keep the shape of you baseball cap. Then you can put in in the washing machine to get it cleaned.

You can also put it on a dishwasher, you will notice that you baseball cap stays motionless but remember to remove your cap from the dishwasher before the drying starts. It may cause your baseball cap to shrink due to heat. Also never put your baseball caps on a dryer for the same reason. All you have to do is put your baseball cap out in the sun.